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Since 1981, we’ve continuously expanded our services and capabilities. We perform end-to-end customization for your specialized trucks and vehicles. We gear our shop to enhance and build trucks to meet the specific needs of our hard-working customers. No job is out of reach with services from Transport Equipment Co.

Two black trucks with a flatbeds as seen from left rear

TEC Flatbeds

We custom build your flatbed right here, in our shop, to meet your specific needs.

See TEC Flatbeds
A white truck with a flatbed as seen from right rear
A white flat bed dump truck

Flatbed Dumps

We can help you achieve your goals with weight capacity, load capacity and dumping capacity.

See Flatbed Dumps

Service Bodies

We offer an extensive line of Auto Crane and Reading service bodies.

See Service Bodies
A white truck with tool compartments and a ladder rack facing left
A black crew cab truck with a black flatbed

CM Truck Beds

We stock and offer all CM truck bed products.

See CM Truck Beds

Lift Gates

We distribute most national brands of lift gates, as well as install, service, repair, and warranty.

See Lift Gates
A white truck with a black lift gate
A large dump truck with a black body

Dump Bodies

We distribute, install, and accessorize dump bodies from top national brands.

See Dump Bodies

Dump Trailers

We are a distributor for Warren Trailers. 

See Dump Trailers
Red and silver dump trailer facing right
A large white truck with tool compartments and a crane arm viewed from left rear

Mechanic Trucks and Cranes

We are the industry leader in the Southeast for crane purchase, installation, and service work.

See Mechanic Trucks and Cranes

Van Bodies

We are a distributor for Morgan and Complete Van bodies and can accommodate your van body with a variety of accessories to meet your needs.

See Van Bodies
A large box truck viewed from left rear
A large white truck with a hook lift viewed from left rear

Hook Lifts

We distribute and install hook lifts, accessories, and replacement parts.

See Hook Lifts

Lube Systems

We distribute and install lube systems. Together, we’ll reach your goals!

See Lube Systems
A large white lube system truck facing left

Wetline Kits

Single lines, dual lines, roper pump systems, food grade, we do it all! We also install cab protectors, Whelen light bars, strobes, and much more.

See Wetline Kits

Wheelbase Alterations

We offer wheelbase alterations from shortening, extending, moving axles, and much more!

See Wheelbase Alterations
A truck with an exposed wheelbase receiving modifications

When you need to take your truck to the next level, call Transport Equipment!

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