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Mechanic Trucks and Cranes

We are the industry leader in the Southeast for crane purchase, installation, and service work. 

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A highly customized white truck with tool compartments and a crane arm

Available Options

  • Hydraulic & Electric Cranes 
  • Master Locking System
  • Boom Tip Lights 
  • Electric Door Locks
  • Strobe Lights
  • Receiver Hitch  
  • C-Tech Drawer Systems
  • Ladder Rack
  • Custom Built Ladder Rack
  • Workbench Bumper 
  • Vise Mount
  • Oxygen / Acetylene Compartment 
  • Hydraulic Outriggers
  • Manual Outriggers 
  • Crane Remote Technology 
  • Welders
  • Compressors 
  • Interior Compartment Lights 
  • Rear Work Lights 
  • Bedliner 
  • Zolatone Interior Paint 
  • Hose Reels 
  • SuperSprings

When you need a mechanic truck or crane, call Transport Equipment!

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